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Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry this comic didn't workout. In the future, maybe this spring, I will attempt to restart this comic, under more reliable writers.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Month

It has literally been a month since I posted last. Just wanna keep you guys up to date. I've recently acquired a new artist, who will help Shaelrion with the workload. That is to say, I have not fired Rachel or anything, but she is a student, and needs a little help.

With any luck this new artist will come through.

Currently, begginning the planning stages for an Eavton Campaign Setting Book! So you may just see it!

Don't forget to purchase the first campaign setting, Sedallia! A steampunk elven empire!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Knight Spectre Frame 4

A much smaller frame to explan this time, I present to you, Knight Spectre, Frame 4. Once again, please make sure to check the main site for new updates so that you can stay on top of te comic.

Plot Synopsis:

Okay, so you can here see Ceeric and his men in cmbat at the Battle of Kalissa. A very large engagement, the Dark Lord of Astergoth (who is the commander of the Nation arrayed against the Empire; and Saithe even bows to him) has ordered Saithe, the Necromancer from Frame 4, to ambush Imperial Forces who were heading to Kalissa. Only a small remnant of Saithe's forces attacked, while the Dark Lord moved his Orc Hordes from the hills to the North of Kalissa into combat. Two Imperial Legions and 500 Regional soldiers were driven back, resulting in over 1200 Imperial Deaths. Among these were the 100 or so men that Ceeric led.

After Kalissa though, Ceeric heads south, where he is ambushed before he ever makes it back to Imperial Land. At this same time, Saith moves his UndeadArmy of 40,000 south through the White Swamp, while the Astergoth Armies flood towards Northhold, the northernmost fortress of Imperial Eavton. This signifies that te engagement has gone from something of a border skirmish to an all-out invasion.

Below is a map of the Northern Continent before he war commences. The Blue Nation in the middle is Eavton and it's protectorates. The black nation is Astergoth.

Following this, here is a territorial map of the Northern Continent after the war has begun. As you can see, the forces of Astergoth have moved upon many countries in the North. The Red Nation is their ally, Orimfear, and they've assisted in the invasion. Of course, every epic struggle is something like this seemingly with defeat at the doorstep, but we already know that they aren't fated to win.

This is just a unique map that I made t help illustrate points. Im also thinking of starting a diplomacy game or something online. Still unsure as to how I would execute that, but f I gotenough interest, I'd find a way.

Knight Spectre Frame 3

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! First thing I would like to put out, is if you are interested, why don't you check out my book here:

Sedallia: Land of Sails

This is one of my Campaign Setting Projects. And remember, the webcomic is done for free, and is funded by individual purchases like this, and ad revenue from our adsense clicks! We appreciate your support, and we hope we can continue to bring you our stories, and hopefully step the quality up a bit!

In the future, hopefully, I will also have an Eavton Campaign Setting Guide. For those of you unfamiliar, Eavton is the setting for this comic. So it should help make for some interesting Roleplaying Games, if your into that sort of stuff!

Plot Summary:

And here we introduce you to Saithe, the main Antagonist of the comic. He will make more than a few appearances. Not too much is covered about his background here, but he is a Scythian Vampire, from lands in the south. In these lands exist a few Vampiric City-States that masquerade as a confederation of independent trading cities. However, underneath this veneer, beneath the calm river, is a strong current of blood. Eveything in these cities is dependent upon blood and control of it, and they do have a complex economic system, with their currency set upon blood being a commodity.

Saithe himself is a Venerable Vampiric Lord, who is trully ancient and terrible. Scythians gain more power as they consume more blood over their lifetime, but only need 1 quart per day to survive. If taken in the wild, the victim is usually drained, however in the Vampiric States, they have a blood pet system, whereby their are complex rules and laws concerning maintaining a "bloodpet" harem. At a minimum a Vampiric Lord will have a minimum of 10 bloodpets, this allows for a pet who is drained to wait ten days (regenerating the quart of blood) before being drained again. Very few vampires are transient, and thus many have Bloodpet Harems, those that don't depend upon "Bloodbanks" where both the economy and the lifesource of the Vampires is combined.

Saithe himself, as mentioned is very old. His Kingdom consisted of a single trading state, and he had 30 Bloodpets at one time. This allowed him more access, and he gained  power very quickly. At the upper stage of Scythian Power, Scythians are granted dark necromantic abilities, and Saithe himself concentrated on this. He is probably the most powerful Necromancer to exist.

Editor's Note: I absolutely love this specific picture. Here Saithe is sorrounded by his pets, and I love the detail given to his eyes. I felt no need to add any background again, though when I get a colorer, I may have this frame updated, and put on the website.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Knight Spectre Frames

New Knight Spectre Frames Up! Two days for the expanded review here on this blog! Merry Christmas!

Knight Spectre

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eavton Short Story

For any of you Knight Spectre fans out there, Im just writing to tell you that there is now a short story in circulation, trying to get it published. Its set in the same world as Knight Spectre, so if you enjoy the comic, and want to learn a little more, subscribe here. I will tell you when and where it gets picked up and published.

The story is fantasy mixed with a bit of pulp noir mystery. Its interesting enough, but is meant to be an introductory story for two characters of mine. If anything, if it doesn't get picked up, I will post it up here, and hope advertising revenue from this blog is decent!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Knight Spectre Volume 1 Frame 2

Story: A simple telling of how Ceeric came to be in the Army. All lords in Eavton, Ceeric included, owe fealty to the Emperor. The Emperor sits over the main metropolis of the entire nation, Eavton City. About twenty miles south of it, is the slighty smaller city of Seavton. (The two cities are often treated as one, despite the fact that they are both on the slopes of a mountain range that divides them. There are a series of secret passages and a huge long bridge [20 miles] that connect them. On the bridge there are even two rest stops, five miles from each city.)

The rest of the nation consists of smaller cities and settlements, the majority of them are under 1000 people in population. The economy is largely agrarian, and technically all of the land is owned by the Emperor. However, he pays each for their labor to work it, which creates private property, which of course leads to trade and other professions. As a supplement to income gained from selling food to the masses,the Emperor has posted his forts strategically on the roads, and charges a toll. Lastly, the local police force levees a small fee per person for protective services. This isn't a tax, but rather a set fee per person that doesn't change depending upon income. It is even charged for minors.

In the center part of the nation, if you look hard on the campaign map picture below, you notice that the nation seems very grid-like. The Emperor developed this area with alot of central planning and throught paid both to trade and irrigation. Population levels in these regions have remained steady, due to economic activity and the law enforcement fees.

There are three major "Guilds" these would fill the role of corporations in a modern setting, their power is wide-spread, as is their respect. Each Guild has associated sub-guilds, strongholds, and the like. The first is the Fighter's Guild, which has the Gladiator, Scout, and Guardian Subguilds. The second guild is the Scholor's Guild, which has the Mage's League, Law Guild, and the Teacher's Subguild. The Last Guild is the Imperial Guild, with the Messenger Subguild. The Imperial Guild also gives writs for international trade and trains diplomats.

Of the guilds, the Fighter's guild is the most viable and strong. Often, they control the Law Enforcement contracts for many towns. They are limited to charge only 5 Imperial Shills (the standard currency) per person in a city, and half a shill per person must go to the Emperor himself. They have to meet a minimum requirement of at least a Sheriff, a Clerk, a Deputy, and a Jailor. Plus an additional Deputy and Jailor for every 100 people in a community. They might employ more Clerks and have differing pay schedules for deputies. However, it is still very possible to make a profit off of a city with over 400 people.

Production Notes: Wow...I think I covered it. The Emperor was originally supposed to have Brown Skin, with some hints of obsidian, plus dreadlocks. Its hard to express skin tone in B&W when we cant afford a shader! So, if you can, purchase some of our stuff!